Fridayswoon is the sister blog to machareimages. Fridayswoon represents a specific genre of my photography which is food. Eating is something that all of us, whether herbivore or carnivore, have in common. Fridayswoon looks to represent and communicate “good food” or what in my opinion is “good food.” This site merges some of my passions, cooking, eating, and photography! Communicating the treats I prepare is how I hope to entice you, but ultimately the food itself is what is being featured here. I hope that you will attempt at least some of the recipes I am sharing, while they may not be mine, they will be recipes that I have tried and enjoyed.

The name Fridayswoon stems from a practice in our household. My wife does most of the cooking throughout the week due to her reasonable schedule. Unfortunately, my schedule only allows me to be able to cook on Fridays when I have an abbreviated schedule. Friday’s I try to change up the menu a little and while I am not claiming to be a better cook than my wife, far from it, I like to think that I try new and exciting things from time to time. That being said from time to time I will just fry up some chicken cutlets. My experimentation is anchored by my love of desserts and therefore you may see more of them than a main course, I have also found that generally I am better at making desserts than an entree, for whatever reason? So overall my results are better when it comes to the sweet stuff. Nonetheless I enjoy my Friday cooking and sometimes I will experience success and a pleasurable plate served.


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