Jello Fruit Salad

Curious about making something familiar in a new way? So was I when I came across this interesting presentation. Jello is one of those things most cooks write off, but those of us who have children use it to entice finicky ankle biters. My daughter is no different and recently I used this to get her to try jello. Yeah, she had never tried it before! But I knew how to hook her so I started boiling some water.

Jello Fruit Salad

Any combination of 4-6 Jello flavors (I used orange, lemon, and lime)

3-4 fresh oranges depending on size

4-5 lemons depending on size

6-7 limes same thing as above


Cut fruit in half lengthwise (very important will explain in recommendations). Use a reamer to extract juice from fruits reserving juice. Clean out all pulp and any other foreign matter from inside of fruit, discard. Make Jello mix according to package, substituting fruit juice for cold water. Place fruit halves in muffin or cupcake tray to hold in place while pouring mix in halves. Refrigerate according to packet instructions. Once Jello has set, remove from refrigerator and cut fruit halves in half and if possible in half again. Serve chilled.


When cutting fruit make sure to do so lengthwise, in other words do not leave the knots from the vine on the bottom, they will leak! I used an ice cream scooper to remove the pulp from the fruit. Many other scoopers will work but this is what I had on hand, and it worked incredibly well. Make sure these are thoroughly set before cutting and use the sharpest knife you can find and sharpen it before you begin cutting. I had to travel and the Jello lost some of its firmness making it very difficult to cut! I did not have the opportunity to capture the other members of my  fruit salad because the swoon was to quick, but I also made lemon and lime which were beautiful and had that nice fruit juice kick rather than just water.

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