Delectably Messy

Today we have something very unusual both for my blog as well as in general as a meal. What is this exotic dish I am going to spring on you?! The old fashioned peanut butter, banana, and honey sandwich! Yes, you read that correctly. For some this is a very normal thing yet for others, such as myself prior to approximately six months ago, it is as strange as waking up with your head sewn to the carpet! Well all I can say is if having your head sewn to the carpet tasted as good as this concoction I would welcome the beheading.

Recipe courtesy of ME (YAY ME!):

3 Tbs salted peanut butter (I prefer Trader Joe’s brand)

1 ripe banana

2  to 3 Tbs good honey (depends on how sweet you want it)

2 slices artisan whole grain/wheat bread (toasted slightly)


Place sliced bread in toaster and set for desired doneness, I prefer them to be a little chewy, so no charcoal here! In a small bowl chop up half the banana adding peanut butter and 2 Tbs of the honey. Using a fork mash ingredients together until semi smooth paste is formed. When toast is ready place all peanut butter paste on one half of the sandwich. Make sure to scrape that bowl, you’ll thank me later. On top of the peanut butter cut up remaining banana and drizzle remaining honey on top of that. Make sure you do not concentrate all honey in one area. Top with remaining toast and cut in half.


Try this strange and wonderful creation! While this sandwich is very reminiscent of the “fluffernutter” and other crazy named foods, it happens to be a sophisticated palette. The saltiness of the peanut butter enhances the fruity creamy flavor of the banana and intense sweetness of the honey. The bread simply binds all those flavors together and attempts to keep it from oozing all over your hand, but has been known to fail on many occasions.

I admit it, this sandwich was discovered quite by accident. I was in the store looking for a quick lunch option. I tried to choose what I thought was a boring pb&j and turned out to be one of my most delightful mistakes. After purchasing the sandwich, without realizing what I had done, I returned to my office to discover the error. Not interested in returning to the store I decided to give it a whirl. WOW! Intense sweetness and salty goodness in a really filling sandwich! Fabulous.

Get over the unusual combination and try it, the swoon will be sure to hit you and it will likely become one of your favorites as well.

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