Henry Public

In the myths of the mayhem that are these Holidays my wife and I found sometime to have a nice dinner out. We have been wanting to try some newer restaurants that are a little more out of the way and not so much a “scene” rather a nice place with good food and where we didn’t have to make reservations a month in advance. Having considered several different locations we settled on Henry Public. We have been trying to make it to this eatery for sometime now and we are happy to say all the positive feedback, which inspired us to choose it, was spot on.

This retro gastro pub is located in the Cobble Hill section of Brooklyn. Among the beautifully nestled brownstones in the area on Henry St. you will find an unassuming facade. The front of the house contains the pub area the eating area is in the rear with 7-10 quaint tables. The guests seemed to be mostly local hipsters in vintage wear, and the decor was clad in exposed brick and images of days gone by. It is all a perfect compliment to the food which is comforting and rich.



The dinner menu is limited but in some places exotic and what is offered is done very well. My wife ordered the cheese burger, I had the turkey leg sandwich and we shared the macaroni and cheese. The burger was finished off beautifully and my sandwich was very flavorful and served on texas portioned toast. The macaroni and cheese was served in a sizzling cast iron dish and was crusty and decadent. To finish off we had the only dessert, which is not even on the menu, homemade doughnut holes with honey glaze. I believe because of the limited number of tables our food came out boiling hot and you could tell spent no time under a heating element.

As mentioned the fare was well done and the ambiance supported the entire feel, cozy, and comforting. Drinks similarly were very nicely done and the entire experience was very reasonably priced. I recommend it for those off the beaten path nights when going to Manhattan just doesn’t appeal or just isn’t possible.

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