Today I am bringing you a bit of a different post. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of paying a visit to Willimasburg Brooklyn, and an open air food “flea” market called Smorgasburg. I discovered this location after some trolling on other food blogs and some articles which had mentioned it.

My companions and I loved it! Smorgasburg is as described an open air food “flea” market, the difference between this type of market and most open air markets, is these vendors prepare the food for you. So you have a large variety of food vendors mostly local that are serving a huge variety of food variations. Most are cooked to order other vendors prefer to have prepackaged foods or condiments available. Most of the items are locally sourced and many are organic. The great thing is the vendors change from week to week therefore one visit may be vastly different than the next.

We indulged in Boquerones, from Bon Chovie, Sausage filled Teriyaki Balls from Mimi and Coco, Bulgogi Burgers from We Rub You, and a variety of ice cream from Blue Marble Ice Cream (I had the Dulce de Leche). All I can say is all our food was very good and we had a difficult time choosing what to try. Most of the dishes are small and therefore great for multiple visits to several vendors. However, there are some (e.g. Meat Hook) that will serve an elaborate meal, such as their Pigs Head Combo which serves up to 6 people (a sight to behold)!

The overall experience was great and after choosing a shady spot to enjoy our fare we were visited by the good people at Sobe and offered free drinks from their psychedelic drink truck! We had a great time and if this is any indication of what other Saturdays have been or will be like, Smorgasburg can expect us to swoon there many more times!

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